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These works are for sale directly by the artist to raise money for her pursuit of a college degree at the age of 51 (born in Los Angeles in 1960). The listed value and certificate of authenticity will be provided by the artist for each lot. The starting bid does not reflect the replacement value of the lot, it merely serves as a wonderful opportunity for you to acquire a work at this wonderful time of her life. Your support is appreciated.

"I have created artwork all of my life. Discovering painting made life complete as a 5 year old girl. Oil paints at age13 added a new medium to create with. Murals were a joyful expression at age 16. I was age 20, working in a gallery and painting murals at Lake Tahoe, when I met my husband-to-be (Dana). I continued to do murals and artwork on commission while we raised our three sons. My original oil paintings have exhibited in galleries, group shows and solo exhibitions across the U.S since 1996. Public commissions and projects were interspersed with creative exploration.

Many of the works, including the most recent LOL self-portrait series, commenced from dreams refined through meditation, which I have practiced throughout my adult life. The balance of feminine and masculine self is a personal pursuit. Further exploration came with the addition of clay. I came to realize I needed the support of school to grow and reach ever expanding goals of expression and experience. With the encouragement of my husband, I applied to and was accepted at San Francisco Art Institute as a Junior in the BFA program. My first semester starts in August 2012.

My goal is to explore the balance of 2-D figurative work on 3-D forms. I can foresee my artwork expanding physically and conceptually by working with the professional artists teaching at SFAI. The international programs of SFAI are a significant motivation for attending. After completing a BFA, I plan to continue with an MFA.

I am shedding my art to re-emerge with eyes fresh, skills honed and a cohesive body of work to broaden my scope on an international scale. I am grateful for your support of my artwork and goals.

The motive for my work remains the same whether the subject is the natural world, the cultural world or a mythical world: to become immersed in the beauty and mystery of the world. And to share the joy I experience bringing these benevolent beings to life through delicious color and rhythmic paint strokes."...More

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