Color Purple Series

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This series was inspired by Alice Walker's book The Color Purple. Julia had the privilege to be a part of Colors To Life Beautiful, an exhibit inspired by the story The Color Purple, exhibited at 626 Gallery in Downtown Los Angeles. It was an amazing group show and creative collaboration which ran consecutively with the play December 2007 through March 15, 2008. When Julia was invited by Charles Bibbs to participate in this show, she knew she wanted to use hands and shoes to express the power of the human experience. "My first inspiration was from the movie The Color Purple when Oprah Winfrey is striding across a field, big shoes stomping, hands and skirts flying. Then as I began to work on creating the composition I realized I wanted the painting to have more inner strength." Julia used the subjects big working shoes, hands and skirts but in a quiet repose. Sweet Solitude was the result of Julia’s creative process. Gratitude goes to Gloves (John Taylor) a very talented Rap Artist, who was her model for Midnight Poet and Heart and Hands. Her Mother's Hands was inspired by a chance meeting with a delightful woman, Tammy Cross. Julia noticed this striking woman with beautiful, long fingered hands when she walked into a florist shop while traveling along the coast of California. "I realized I could not let this opportunity to photograph such beautiful hands go by." Julia introduced herself to Tammy, gave her a business card and asked permission to photograph her hands. Tammy graciously complied. As Julia was taking photos Tammy shared her recent realization that her hands were shaped very much like her own mother’s hands. "And I have always loved my mother's hands." Thank you Tammy for your kind gift to a stranger...when two paths cross…