Artist's Statement

My work has gone through many transitions. For many years I painted what I dreamed and sculpted in response to changes in society and environment. I have had shift of consciousness...though not one of discernment. This quote by artist Teresita Fernández strikes me to the heart and gives words to mystery I am yet to understand.

“In many ways, making art is like blindly trying to see the shape of what you don’t yet know. Whenever you catch a little a glimpse of that blind spot, of your ignorance, of your vulnerability, of that unknown, don’t be afraid or embarrassed to stare at it. Instead, try to relish in its profound mystery. Art is about taking the risk of engaging in something somewhat ridiculous and irrational simply because you need to get a closer look at it, you simply need to break it open to see what’s inside.” artist Teresita Fernández

Since graduating with a Bachelor's Fine Art Degree from from San Francisco Art Institute, May 2014, my own work has become a mystery to me. I no longer want to paint images that dance in my dreams or sculpt political content (messages which I still find as essential as ever). Even though the state of our environment and politics is as important as ever, I can't seen to talk directly about them in my present work. Rather, I yearn to build up forms and break them apart, creating columns or totems on which to carve disparate images of form, abstraction and patterns. The first of this series is Body Memory. While sculpting Body Memory, I thought it was about was about the physical and subjective experience of holding memory in the body. But my reasoning on this work has splintered, until I find it is a blind spot—a vulnerability—that must, and will be, explored.