Amphibians and Carnivorous Plants

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"I love painting frogs and amphibians. I see them as are colorful, earthy and humorous with their secret lives hidden under earth, leaves and water. I am inspired by the earth's elements and so much more in nature that touches the sacred in me and brings joy to my work. My first memory of an amphibian encounter is of a magical experience. At eight years old, camping in the California Sierras with extended family, I sought solitude from my cousins and siblings. I followed a clear singing stream deep into the woods, until I came upon large boulders surrounding a beautiful white sand bottomed pond. In the very center of the clean clear pond were two strikingly beautiful red spotted salamanders. I still feel the wonder and the profound joy I felt as a little girl. Nature had given me a sacred gift sharing her secrets."

Threats to amphibians
Amphibians, such as frogs and toads, have porous skin that makes them especially sensitive to changes in their environment. As their life cycle requires both aquatic and terrestrial habitats, these vulnerable creatures are among the first to suffer the consequences of environmental threats such as pollution, destruction of wetlands and other habitats, non-native species introduction, and increased ultraviolet radiation. Over 200 amphibian species from around the world have experienced recent population declines. As an indicator of greater ecosystem health, this widespread trend raises many concerns about the health of our environment. More information on Amphibian decline:
Frog Watch USA

Carnivorous Plants
Cynthia's love for Carnivorous Plants inspired her artist sister, Julia, in creating a series of large and luminous oil paintings featuring Carnivorous Plants. Desiring to find a venue for the sisters to create a show on their shared interest, Julia approached Quail Botanical Gardens. Quail Botanical Gardens representatives were more than intrigued by the idea; in fact they wanted to create a whole weekend of community events revolved around Carnivorous Plants. Wild Bogs and Leaping Frogs, a Carnivorous Plant Experience was born! It evolved from a simple art show to a juried art show open to many artists, a community event with science, art and theater for children, and a day of plant sales and informative lectures. Julia continues to research and photograph plants and animals as inspiration whenever she travels or finds an opportunity. Photographing the Yellow Trumpets and the damselfly and the marbled salamander along with many other critters, while visiting the Savanna River Ecology Lab, South Carolina, was one of those special opportunities.